Our Structure

Legal Department

Our legal department is staffed by experienced, specialized lawyers who are focused on Intellectual Property issues with specialized human resources providing high quality services in this field.

Contract Management Department
Licensing Department

The protection of music Νeighbouring Rights has been legally enforced throughout the world. National laws, transnational and global conditions ensure their protection. They also allow the setting-up of organizations and companies which, on behalf of their members, oversee the correct observance of the rules in force and attribute the rights to their members.

CNR issues Νeighbouring Rights licenses to all types of business that uses or broadcasts music in public. At the same time it also collects lists of repertoire used by each individual company which is then analyzed for fair return to the beneficiaries.

The licensing process is simple.

After receiving the necessary information regarding the type, size and the actual months of  operation of the business, an invoice is then issued for the amount of the license remuneration for the performers Νeighbouring Rights and the granting of the relevant license. Payment of the corresponding fee is made in consultation with the licensing department responsible for issuing the license and the relevant proof of such.

Information- Department Section
Information Technology (IT) Department
This department offers technical support, manages specialized software programs for registration and in-depth analysis of data thus ensuring the transparency of our activities.
Accounting Department