Law (N. 59/1976) In Cyprus, copyright and related rights are governed by the Copyright and Related Rights Law (N. 59/1976) as it stands today, after the necessary amendments for harmonization with Community law. The law provides that anyone who performs or permits the public performance of a musical performance or performance must pay a fee to the holders of intellectual and related rights. Beneficiaries entitled to remuneration are defined by the law.
The Act on Copyright and Related Rights of 1976 (59/1976)

(N.65 (I) / 2017) The Collective Management of Intellectual Property Rights and Related Rights and the Grant of Multi-Territorial Licenses for the Online Use of Musical Works The 2017 Law (N.65 (I) / 2017) was created for the purpose of harmonization with the European Directive 2014/26 / EU to ensure the proper functioning of the management of copyright and related rights by Collecting Organizations and by Independent Management Entities. In essence, it sets - in conjunction with the law (N. 59/1976) - the conditions for the activation of the Collective Management Organizations (UCITS) and the Independent Management Entities (UDFs) in the Republic. Furthermore, it introduces the creation of a State Authority (Competent Authority for Intellectual Property), whose role is overseeing, and therefore has powers and may impose measures to comply with Organizations, APRs and those performing public works of musical works in the context of their operation with the legislation.

Office for the Fight against Intellectual Property Theft and the Illegal Game of the Cyprus Police

Competent Authority for Intellectual Property


Collective Management Organizations (CMSs) and Independent Management Entities (UCITS) have the sole purpose of managing and protecting the right they represent. Since the beneficiaries are virtually impossible to monitor all the cases of use of their projects around the world, to negotiate the conditions for such use and to receive the relevant remuneration, they entrust to this end the management and protection of their right as well as the collecting remuneration attributable to the right of public use, Collective Management Organizations (CIS) or Independent Collective Management Entities (UCITS). Their main responsibilities are to manage the rights assigned to them, to control the use of the works, to negotiate the terms of use of the works, to license, to collect the fee from the users and to distribute the fees beneficiaries. The payment of entitlement therefore translates into a license for each individual beneficiary category, which is renewed on an annual basis.

Cyprus Neighboring Rights Management - CNR has been set up as an Independent Entity for the Rights of Performers and its object is the management, protection, collection and distribution of the right of this category of rightholders (singers and musicians).