What would life be without music?  Music adds color to our lives and in our toughest moments, can change the way we feel. Just think of a beautiful or difficult moment in your life when you did not have a song as your companion. The role of music in our lives is very important and has proven that it can even influence our attitude to many things. With the advances of today’s technology, we have the opportunity to listen to our favorite songs with ease, forgetting how much effort has been made by the musicians in providing this music for us to enjoy. This process involves people who, with their talent, interpretation and execution, turn the notes and words into something beautiful.

Should we not in turn also give these people the possibility of dealing exclusively with music ensuring that they are paid for what they offer us?

Our vision is to create the conditions which will allow everyone to enjoy the music in every venue and activity, whilst demonstrating the relative appreciation to those who provide this music.


At CNR, we believe that protecting the performers is the only way to preserve their artistic creations and at the same time their livelihood.

A piece of music, like any other artistic creation, is the property of its creators and those who contributed to its interpretation and execution hold rights for its use. The rights may be intellectual, which belong to the creators (composers/songwriters) or related, which belong to those that contributed to the interpretation and performance of a musical piece (singers/musicians). In accordance with the applicable law and the international contracts, for any form of use of musical works,a license is required of the beneficiaries of copyrights and neiboring rights. The reason you need a license is because the songs you play in your business are performed by artists who have rights that have to be collected and redeemed.

In the Republic of Cyprus you are requested to obtain this license from the CNR.

The reason that you need to obtain a music neiboring rights license is because the songs that you play in your business either through radio, TV, CD mp3, DJ, Playlist are performed by artists (singers & musicians) who are entitled of their neiboring rights as they interpret/ perform a particular piece. These rights are based on criteria and should be collected and redeemed. Anyone that publicly uses this music, derives some benefit from it and therefore must pay a royalties to the owners.

The goal of CNR is therefore to work, with the help of the Law and the Authorities to safeguard the Neiboring rights of the performers it represents.


Our values are the foundation of our corporate character and the basis of our philosophy. In order to achieve our mission, we operate beyond our passion for music with the highest standards of business integrity.

Our core values:


In order to ensure the transparency of our actions, we apply systems and procedures based on honest and true information, acknowledging our responsibility to be effective, transparent and accurate.


 Our greatest honor is the trust of the artists we represent. As a result, our business ethics are characterized by our dedication and passion, integrity of our actions, objectivity, responsibility and respect for the protection of artistic creation.

Fair Distribution:

We have the privilege of serving a creative community of people. We fight for their Neiboring rights and future of music. Ensuring a fair and efficient distribution of funds to the beneficiaries, is our top priority.


A modern organization which is concerned with overseeing the proper enforcement of intellectual property rules, must be in full compliance with the law. We have taken all necessary steps to fully comply with the Intellectual Property Law in Cyprus and we are in close cooperation with the competent authorities to safeguard the Neiboring rights of the beneficiaries who have trusted us to manage their rights